Astrological Tips for Marriage

Amol Shinde (born on 24.6.1978 at 8:50 a.m in Gundya, Maharashtra) wants to concern astrology for seeking solution of prospective marriage. As per astrology, his horoscope concludes that Saturn & mars are allied in the aspect of \’family\’. Consequently, the aspects belonging to marriage, 5th and career will be inflicted along with \’anshik kaal sirp dosha\’ & \’pitri dosha\’. Venus is impacting inthe mahadasha of Jupiter. Till 16th January 2013, his chances of getting married are high. He ought to arrange rituals regarding aforementioned astrological defects. Anita (born on 2.11.92 at 4 a.m in Rajasthan) desires to consult the matter of her prospective love marriage via astrology. As per her horoscope, the lord of 7th aspect is Jupiter while saturn is the lord of 5th aspect. Moon & saturn are allied in the 5th aspect forming \’vish yog\’ & \’buddha chandal dosha\’. Jupiter is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu. Vivid coincidejnce of her marriage is occurring presently & it can take place in February 2013. She ought to appease saturn & remediate \’vish yog\’ astrologically via performing rituals. Arun Sharma (born on 23. 5. 84 at 2: 25 in Indore) is witnessing instability & dissatisfaction in his current job. Thus, he wants to solve them via astrology. As per astrology, his horoscope depicts that he is born under virgo ascendance while sign is aquarius. \’sampoorna surya grahan\’& \’shukra chandal dosha\’. His 5th aspect and \’destiny\’ aspect are also appearing weak. Ketu is impacting in the dasha of Saturn which will subscribe him pain till 1 year. He ought to worship ketu & arrange rites to eliminate the evil impact of \’shukra chandal dosha\’ & \’surya grahan\’; wear emerald gemstone; feed spinach to a cow after which circumambulate her thrice on Wednesday; arrange special rite for appeasing lord Shani. Ashok kumar Sehgal (born 15.3. 56 on at 5:25 a.m in Delhi) desires astrological solutions for getting entertained with success & promotion in his job. According to astrology, he is born in Leo ascendance and the same is his sign too. Venus is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter. He is inflicted with \’shani chandal dosha\’ & \’amasya dosha\’. Since 16th August 2011, inauspicious time has begun to strike & it will last till 23rd March 2015. He ought to worship lord Surya while reciting Surya mantra & \’Aditya Hridaya Strota Pathh\’ and perform havana also; wear ruby gemstone; arrange parihar poojan to end the evil impact of \’shani chandal dosha\’.

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