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Shehnaz Khan wants to know about her son\’s future (born on 2010 at 4:33 p.m. in Jabalpur). AS per astrological solutions, her son\’s horoscope states that he is born under Sagittarius ascendance and Rahu is abiding in the aspect of ascendance. The alliance of three malefics is casting evil impact on 10th aspect interrupting his education & career. He ought to serve & respect his parents for attaining as much blessings as he can;Discharge barley weighing equal to his weight in the flowing water;feed dough to fish; And prohibit non-vegetarian food for forever as eating non-veggies can inflict Jupiter more severely; wear \’black aqeeq\’ gemstone along with the astrology based remedy for appeasing Rahu. Scriptures advocate that the digit formed by summing-up the number of every holy book\’s alphabets with each other gives the numeral 1 likewise the existence of god that is also one. The astrological solutions are suggested while respecting the dignity of eachone\’s religion as instead of advicing vedic rite (pooja) for appeasing Jupiter, muslims are suggested another alternative solutions as feeding dough to fish; in case of \’surya grahan\’, father & mother ought to be respected. Disrespecting mother inflicts moon and boost the malefics to do casr their negativity unto the worst. Planets cast the consequences of our committed karmas in life, either those karmas were bad or good. Auspicious effect of any benefic promotes career, wealth, reputation and good health while inauspicious spell of malefics induces negativity in the form of adversities. Working/serving with pure reverance & pious soul procure bliss in life. An astrologer can guide only preventions to keep away from committing further sin via vedic ritual systems & the way of repentence also. For instance, culture is introduced into the disposition of a spoilt kid by making him habitual of respecting his parents which will help him to end his ego alongwith incarnation of positivity in him. Enhancing impact of virtuous character, eradicates negativity imposed by malefics. Astrology is free and can be subdued by everyone provided that love and purity should be there in the heart of such beings who wish to follow it. But arrogant disposition blows off the illuminating lamp of positivity. Astrology can change your life by rendering promotion, wealth & other luxuries in life as \’Raj-yog\’. As the alliance of 9 planets coincides \’Raj-yog\’ as inauspicious spell is conspired by the same 9 planets by virtue of your karmas. Thus, we ought to be cultured, try to appease 9 planets & serve our elders, guru and religion also with pious heart for crediting success into the account of our life. As people often bid to assemble footwears in Gurudwaras just for paying their reverance/ devotion at the sacred place of worshipping their honorable gurus as Scriptures advocate to be benevolent since benevolence is fruitful without incarnating any arrogance in our core just as rivers and clouds which bless water to the thirsty creatures & earth without ahowing any egoism. Follow your religion in a righteous way. you will notice that all problems will disperse on their own gradually without causing any suspicion.

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