Astrological Remedies for Successful Business

The mother of Shashank Sharma(born on 4.11.1986 at 1:48p.m. in Mujaffarnagar) is curious to know about her son\’s prospective marriage and business. As per astrology, his horoscope concludes that Venus is impacting in the dasha of venus currently. The possibility of his marriage will realize after 16th March, 2013. The defects in his horoscope indicated in astrology are \’sampoorna kaal sirp dosha\’ and \’vish dosha\’. He ought to arrange religious rites to please Venus or lord Shukra as he can turn his dreams true and recite the mantra -\’Om dram dreem drom shah shukraaye namah\’; establish a \’Shukra-yantra\’ or donate a white cow. Ved Prakash (born on 17.1. 1884 at 7:30 a.m. in Kurukshetra, Haryana) desires to know about his job. Astrological predictions convey that Saturn is the lord of his ascendence which is in the 10th aspect. The allied planet, mars, has restricted the auspicious impression of Saturn. He has defects as per astrology in his horoscope called \’Shukra Chandal dosha\’ due to bad impact of the lord of 10th aspect. He ought to arrange poojan to appease Saturn and Venus, alongside, wear Sapphire as early as possible.Secondly, enchant the mantra-\’ Om sham shanishcharaaye namah\’ ;donate an earthern lamp in Shani temple and distribute vade made of black urad pulse among poors on every Saturday. An individual can easily get a government Job and wealth if the lord of 10th aspect, i.e. Saturn and regarded as the lord of benefits as well, is impactful. For strengthening the position of Saturn, feed sweet chapattis to a cow on Saturday and circumambulate it 27 times while reciting the mantra \’om gangopalaye namah\’. Subsequently, visit to Shani temple. Vinod Kumar Sharma (born on 26.8.1968 at 8:55 a.m. in Jaipur) has been undergoing the trauma relating to his job. Astrological predictions goes that he is stricken with \’Chandra grahan\’ defect. He is born in Virgo ascendence and Ketu is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter. Ketu is reducing the impact of moon, i.e. the lord of benefits aspect. He ought to arrange ketu poojan and religious rite to remove the bad effect of \’chandra grahan\’ with devotion. Sukhveer Singh (born on 14.9.1979 at 5:30 p.m. in Ludhiana ) wants to uplift his business via astrology suggestions. His horoscope reveals that Saturn was impacting the mahadasha of Saturn till 2009. Afterwards, his condition has been worsening.The alliance of rahu, the sun, mercury and saturn in 7th aspect indicates \’panch-grahi yog\’ and there is \’khadaastak yog\’ as well in his horoscope. Thus, he ought to follow religious rites or poojan to remove the evil impact of the aforementioned astrological defects. Ketu is impacting in the mahadasha of Saturn presently which is creating psychological unrest. The yuti of rahu and saturn in 6th aspect points significant enhancement in funds without adding profit. Instead debt will put burden on his shoulder. Hence, he ought to follow religious rite for getting rid of bad impact of \’Khadaastak yog\’; keep fast on every Saturday; donate a black cow or nurse it; Anoint lord Shiva with the juice of sugarcane in temple.

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