Astrological Remedies for Married Life

Problems in matrimony outburst due to 5th aspect that signifies love. Despite having unlimited treasure or luxuries, human confronts inflictions, pain and problems due to problem in 5th and 7th aspects. Astrology has significant brief for the lord of ascendence in relation to marriage.Auspicious lord of ascendence will bless you beauty and health. But as per astrology, second most vital aspect is 5th aspect since it helps in anticipating how your married life would be, especially love and mutual relationship between husband and wife. For instance, the existence of mars in 5th aspect causes troubles in matrimony by conceiving aggression in heart, betrayal and frequent arguements. All these negative traits of human lead to depression.Stricken 5th aspect also leads to divorce despite matching 32 or 35 gunas (qualities) of both, marriageable girl and boy. As per astrology, if the horoscope depicts Aries ascendence and the lord of its 5th aspect is the sun with positive influence then the married life of such individual goes on smoothly and harmoniously. On the contrary, evil eye of malefics (unfriendly planets) on 5th aspect or alliance of 1 or more sinful planets in the same aspect causes difference just as enemies after marriage. Worship lord Shiva, goddess Durga and lord Hanuman for getting rid of existing marital problems. Weak 7th aspect due to presence of Saturn or the sun would also conspire against love and harmony existing between married couple inspite of having no problem in 5th aspect. Married women should keep patience and cleverly handle the delicate thread of their relation with husband and family. The alliance of planets is meant to inflict us. They have fallen into our horoscope to penalize us as per our karmas. Saint Bhrigu has discovered its solution through astrology. The compatibility of planets belonging to both, male and female, should consider essentially as per guidelines of astrology. Disharmony between the planets of both marriageable boy and girl can lead to severe consequences after marriage though their gunas are matching satisfactorily. Therefore, avoid establishing such matrimonial relationship. Kaushik (born on 28.4. 1984 at 9:22 p.m. in Delhi) desires to know what astrology has reserved for him in his career and future. He is born in the scorpion ascendence and its lord is mars. His horoscope conveys astrological defect called \’Mangal angarak dosha\’. Any woe to the lord of ascendence causes health disorder and unrest in life. Mahadasha of Venus is going on and moon is impacting during mahadasha.He should sincerely serve his mother, visit temple of any goddess for 40 days where he should light an earthern lamp fueled with desi ghee religiously and appease moon to eliminate the bad influence of moon also. If possible then arrange religious rite for reducing \’Mangal angarak dosha\’ as well.

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