Astrological Remedies for Marriage

Balwinder Kaur (born on 7.11.1985 at 7 a.m. in Kaithal, Haryana) wants to know the astrological solutions for her marriage. 7th aspect will be defective if one’s lagan (ascendance) is eclipsed by the sun (surya). Her birth-chart concludes that 2 malefics (unfavouring planets) are targeting 7th aspect and 1 malefic is already housed in it. They can conspire to avoid any chance of marriage. Mahadashaa of the Sun is occuring now in which Jupiter is impacting. Despite of having auspicious time for arranging marriage, solar eclipse defect is meddling and restraining marriage possibility. ‘Lakshmi-grahan dosha’ and ‘surya grahan dosha’ must have to be corrected by following respective rituals. While sitting on the yellow rag or cloth before tulsi plant on every Thursday, recite the mantra-‘Om namo bhagvate vasudevaaye namah’. Furtherance, offer sweet rice to it and then, distribute that sweet rice among few girls and serve ‘gau-mata’ with pious heart.

Jagdeep Singh (born on 26,11.1990 between 11 and 11:30) is very stubborn, aggressive and diobedient child. Currently, Mahadashaa of Saturn (Shani) is existing in which Saturn itself in impacting in the same state. It is housed in 12th aspect despite of being ruler of ascendence (lagan) which may trap him into bad company and drag towards evil acts such as gambling and alcohol addiction. These defects will conspire to bring him bad name and stoppage in his career-promotion.Take him to visit Durga temple for 41 days and light a lamp there. Saturn symbolizes darkness and appeasing any goddess can make him free from any kind of evil addiction. Alongside, make him wear nau-mukhi rudraksh.

Manu (born on 5.12.1991 at 4:45 p.m in U.P.) wants to know about her career possibilities. Jupiter is impacting 10th aspect as per her horoscope. Saturn in 9th aspect is also pointing towards ‘misfortune’ (bhaagyaheen dosha) and partial ‘kaal sirp dosha’ is also inflicting. Current influence of Jupiter is indicating wealth in her fate. Donate mixture of rice and black lentils among poors on every Saturday.

Mohan Singh (born on 11.7. 86 at 4: 30 a.m. in H.P.) wants to confirm about success in business. Presently, Mahadashaa of the sun (surya)is occuring and Jupiter (the lord of luck) is casting its impact while it is the lord of 10th aspect. Presence of Jupiter in any aspect negates auspicious influence of any it. In his case, Jupiter is housed in 9th aspect which has weakened his fortune. Begin keeping fast on every Thursday. Distribute sweet rice among poors and elders as well; feed Jaggery along with gram to a cow on the same day; establish ‘Meru mahaayantra’ at the place of worshipping for consisting gain and stability in business.

The common astological remedy for ending tiff, conflicts and ensuring success in familial issues is given: This is to be followed by both spouses together. Prepare a solution by mixing unboiled milk, sugarcane juice and pomegranate juice together in equal weightage, i.e. 1,250 g each;offer it to lord Shiva on Monday while reciting 5th chapter of rudra; put a vermillion on lord Shiva’s forehead and on bel-patra (quince) also; bring it at home and take it to every nook of your house; at the end, discharge it in flowing water.

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