Astrological Remedies for Job

Vipul Kumar (born on 8.3. 1974 at 10:15 p.m. in Punjab) is interested in knowing astrological suggestions for acquiring stability in job and improvement in health. As per astrology, he is born in Libra ascendence and his sign is Leo. The lord of libra ascendence is Venus which is housed in the 4th aspect of his horoscope. Presently, Rahu is impacting on 9th aspect while existing in 3rd aspect that indicates struggle. Rahu in 3rd aspect causes \’Bhagyaheen dosha\’ according to astrology. Ketu and Saturn (lord of 5th aspect depicts strength) are allied together and both are inflicting. Mercury, the sun and Jupiter in 5th aspect, \’guru chandal dosha\’ , \’sampoorna manglik dosha\’ and \’anshik kaal sirp dosha\’ are inflicting him.Thus, he ought to arrange religious rites for removing the evil impact of \’guru chandal dosha\’, and \’kaal sirp dosha\’, besides, beseech lord Hanuman on every Tuesday by reciting \’sundar kand\’ and lighting earthern lamp in his temple. Ghanshyam Sharma (born on17. 8. 1971 at 6 a.m. in Ganga Nagar) desires to know atrological solution to uplift his familial and economical condition. His horoscope reveals that he is born in Leo ascendence which is auspicious as it is indicating \’Budhaaditya Yog\’. But mahadasha of Saturn has been inflicting since 1995. Presently,Jupiter is impacting in the dasha of Saturn. His time till 22nd January, 2014 will be full of grief in personal life as \’Mangal angarak dosha\’, \’lakshmi grahan dosha\’ and Saturn is housed in the 10th aspect,i.e. the aspect of karma. Saturn is also depicting as the lord of 7th aspect. Hence, he ought to earn and reserve funds for strengthening economical condition and pay attention towards health. Astrology advocates for arranging parihar poojan to remove \’shukra chandal dosha\’ and \’mangal angarak dosha\’;he ought to feed khichdi to poors and a dog as well on every Saturday after worshipping lord Shani.There are many kinds of defects as per astrology such as alliance of Rahu with Saturn causes \’shani chandal dosha\’, Rahu strikes life via \’mangal angarak dosha\’, \’Surya Grahan\’, \’Chandra grahan\’,\’Buddh, shukra and guru chandal dosha\’.Then, position of Rahu is inspected, for instance, the yuti of Rahu and Mars in 6th aspect which is the sign of Saturn. This alliance of 3 planets (saturn, rahu and mars) leads to health disorder.\’Surya Grahan\’ strikes when Rahu impacts in the dasha of the sun or vice-verse. Consequently, such individual may confront stigma due to false lawsuits and health related problems. In order to reduce the evil impact of \’Surya Grahan\’, the individual ought to respect parents;worship lord Surya and recite \’Aditya Hridaya strota\’. We should not under-estimate such astrological defects as the alliance of planets influences our life. We ought to establish auspiciousness in our life by worshipping and appeasing almighty god since our astrology favours it.

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