Astrological Remedies for Financial Problems

The significance of cow lies in the ancient scriptures like vedas and puran. Where there cows live, poverty, despair and other hardships leave that place. Lord Narayana incarnated on the earth for the sake of serving ‘gau mata’ for long time. Even lord Krishna has also called a cow ‘Gau-mata’. 84 crore deities dwell in the body of a cow and even her urine (gau-mutra) cures several diseases.You will be obliged with blissful pleasure by feeding, worshipping and cuddling her. Lord Krishna in ‘Gopal-Vilas'(scripture) has elaborated the significance of ‘Gau-mata’.On being asked by his friends in the forest,lord krishna recited the name of ‘gau’ while embracing her and she started licking his hair like his mother. ‘Gau’ means beautiful,generous and gentle. In every nick of her body, compassion abides. Anyone who nurses, worships, feeds and circumambulates around her can enjoy the boon of joy by averting every grievance such as loss in business, infertility and unemployment etc. Memory of your ward can be enhanced by feeding spinach to a cow. Pampering and worshipping a cow can regulate high blood pressure and stress also.The very first chapatti should be offered to gau-mata for appeasing your late ancestors as she enables eveyone to come across this life.

Som Singh (born on 26.10.1972 at 11:15 a.m in Yamuna bazaar, Delhi) is trapped in debt. Lunar eclipse and adverse impact of Saturn allow sufferings to inflict any individual. In his horoscope, saturn has been housed in the 6th aspect since 2009 to agonize him through disease, piling debt and secret enemy.The period till October 2012, his circumstances will be grim. ‘Guru-chandaal dosh’ and ‘chandrama grahan’ in 7th aspect are really troublesome for him. Appease lord Shani by chanting ‘shani-chalisa’ continuously.Visit Shani temple on every Saturday; light 7 earthern lamps which should be fueled with mustard oil and offer vadaa made of black urad (lentils) to him. Buy spinach leaves worth Rs 30 by saving Re1 per day of the month and feed it to a cow for getting rid of liabilities. Profound devotion and faith are essential while implementing any astrological solutions.

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