Astrological Remedies for Divorce

The principle reasons of hike in the case of divorce are the position of far planets (door-griha), 7th house dasha of door-griha and no thorough inspection of Kundali\’s as per astrological aspect. The adverse effect of door-griha can be minimized with the helpful advice of an expert astrologer according to which sacred offerings can be donated and specific colour can be worn related to troubling planet as per his suggestions. The boon of arranging 11 spinsters\’ marriage can also be an astrological solution for sorting out marital differences. A good astrologer can aptly predict gochar dasha or planetary defects of anyone. Guna conjunction of a married or marriageable couple is not enough. The attribute of guru(jupiter), shukra(venus) and chandrama(moon) should be inspected whether they would act as foe or friend while continuing their marital relationship.Besides, Vastu aspects should also be consulted with an expert vastu-shastri seriously.

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