Astrological Remedies for Business Problems

Manoj Dubey (born on 6.4.1990 at 5:45 p.m. in Chhattisgarh) wants to know which business he should prefer. As per astrology, he is born in Virgo ascendence and the lord of it is mercury which is housed in 8th aspect. Mahadasha of the sun is occuring and it is housed in 7th aspect. It is putting hurdles in the way of progressing business. \’Mangal angarak\’ and \’shani chaandaal dosha\’ are inflicting him as per astrology. Therefore, follow necessary rites to end them, alongside, do \’Durga saptsati kavach pathh\’ daily in Durga temple and offer lamp there. He ought to respect his parents. Till 14th February, 2013 is worse time which will be full of obstacles and complications. The business relating to food or cloth or property will be beneficial for him. Nand Kishore (born on 21.10. 1975 at 8 a.m. in Ghaziabad) wants astrological suggestions for better economical condition. As his horoscope indicates, \’surya-grahan\’ and \’chandra-grahan\’ are causing woes. Mars is the lord of 2nd and 7th aspects and it mahadasha is also taking place presently. Rahu will inflict till 8th march, 2013. Read \’Sunder-kaand pathh\’ and recite \’Hanuman Chalisa\’ in Hanuman temple till 41 days and donate a lamp there also. Narender (born on 1.4.1993 at 2:45 p.m. in Sunderbani) wants to know about his future. His horoscope indicates that he is born in leo ascendence and its lord is the Sun which is housed in 8th aspect. The lord of career is Venus and he is inflicted with \’Chandra Grahan\’. Stress and diseases can add to his sufferings. For sure astrology treatment, he should visit Lakshmi temple till 21 Friday and do \’Kanakdharaa strota pathh\’ also. Worship lord Shiva and take holy bath in Ganges once in a month. Neeraj (born on 30.7.1969 at 6:45)wants to know to opt either job or business through astrology. His horoscope shows that Saturn is in career (10th) aspect while his ascendence is Mars. Mars in 5th aspect is indicating growth and Mercury is impacting in the mahadasha of Saturn. Time till 14th August 2014 will be full of pain, sufferings and accidents. As per astrology, Business will be the best option for assuring monitory benefits. Donate spinach weighing equal to his own weight; and donate a carved copper cow in a temple on Sunday as well. He should also arrange pitri-dosha parihar poojan.Neetu (born on 29.10.1984 at 8:40 p.m. in U.P.) wants astrology based solutions for remaining healthy and for good career. Her horoscope depicts \’sampoorna sirp yog\’ due to alliance of Saturn, the sun and Mercury in 5th aspect. Mars in 7th aspect is inflicting her ascendence. Arrange \’Chamunda Devi poojan\’ and wear emerald on Wednesday after worshipping lord Ganesha. She should also feed chapatti to a cow everyday. The common astrological solution for getting rid of diseases is mentioned: recite hanuman chalisa 7times a day while lighting a lamp fueled with cow ghee.

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