Astrological Remedies for Anger

The child born on 21st November, 2003 at 01:55 in the noon of Friday in Lucknow belongs to Aquarius sign(Kumbh Lagan) in Virgo sign (Kanya-rashi) in 2nd house of chitra Nakshatra. Venus (Shukra), Mercury (budh) and the sun (surya) are forming alliance in 10th aspect. Mercury has been housed in ascendance. Mercury or Saturn in ascendence causes brain related defects such as stubborn or aggressive nature. Saturn in 5th aspect shows hurdles in education. Cook a vadaa of Urad (black) pulses and having touched it by the hands of the child, feed it to a black cow. It will decrease the anger, aggression and hurdles in the way of your ward’s success.

Riya is born in Virgo lagan on 2nd July,2007 at 12:20 at noon in Rohtak. If the lord of ascendance houses in 10th aspect then it points towards good career as a CA. Mercury is housed in the 8th aspect which depicts Manglik yog. Planetary position of Moon is going on. February 2013 is quite inauspicious for her. Following to this period will be the time of success for her. Saturn in the ascendance of Moon in 11th aspect symbolizes astrological defect. Donate black urad to poors weighing equal to her weight on Shanivaariya-Amaavasya (on new moon night of saturday).

Naveen was born on 9th August, 1981 at 2 a.m. at kalyanpura in Gujarat. As per astrology, he is born on solar eclipse that causes problems in marital life, hurdles in conceiving and brings failure. Appease lord sun through ‘Surya-grahan dosh parihaar poojan’, tie black thread on peepal tree every day, circumambulate it 108 times while reciting Shani mantra-‘Om sham shanaishchraaye namah ‘. While in 5th aspect, lord shani will definitely compel the individual to beseech him and will check his patience also. So, visit shani-temple for early marriage.

The horoscope of the one born on 4th May, 1989 at 3:30 in the morning in Assam shows possibility of government job through the planetary alliance of Mars (mangal),the sun (surya) and Jupiter (guru). Rahu is housed in career aspect is causing defect. The period till 5th July, 2013 will be full of problems. Appease Rahu through its ‘Beej-mantra’, worship lord Hanuman everyday for getting employment in government sector.

28th september, 1976 at 7 on Tuesday is facing failure in professional in every kind of job along with bitter relationship with family.He is born in virgo (lagan), Ruling ascendant has made alliance with Rahu, Mahadashaa of Venus is reflecting which denote astrological defect. Venus is housed in 2nd aspect that is troubling the most. He is suffering from ‘lakshmi-grahan dosha’ where Saturn is housed in the 11th aspect which is interrupting inflow of monetary gain.

Astrological solutions for government job is as follows: The strong position of the sun and mars assures government job in career. Put 7 dried dates, honey and a copper coin in entire red utensil. Tie it with red coloured cloth after moving it around your body three times on sunday while summoning lord surya. Leave it at any banyan tree in solitary environment having worshipped lord sun.Obey and honour your father.

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