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Swati (born on 15.3.89 at 7:59 p.m in Jamshedpur) desires to peep into her future via astrology based predictions. As per astrology, she has taken birth in Libra ascendance while her sign is gemini. Saturn has been abided in the 3rd aspect indicating good luck. Her horoscope points towards Raj-yog as well as reverese of raj-yog in her destiny. Mars and Jupiter will fetch her sound wealth while the sun is her lord of wealth. But ketu is existing in the aspect of benefits. She is inflicted with \’buddha chandal dosha\’, \’lakshmi grahan dosha\’ and \’shukra chandal dosha\’. She should arrange religious rites to please mercury & Venus. Besides, arrange parihar poojan to get off the evil impact of \’buddha & shukra chandal dosha\’; donate a cow in shelter & serve it with food on every Wednesday till 1 year; distribute masoor pulses among poors & wear emerald studded in gold jewellery. As per testimony of scriptures, Saint Bhrigu conveys that \’bhagyawaan yog\’ is formed by the lord of ascendance while residing in an auspicious aspect. Benefics render power to it which insures good health, sound wealth and success in your life. Whereas \’bhaagyaheen dosha\’ drags an individual\’s life to catastrophe which befalls due to existence of lord of ascendance in the aspect of any malefic or alliance of it with malefics. For instance, the inauspicious impact of Rahu compels an individual to be smeared into evil practices such as gambling, drug or alcohol addiction, education retardation and deteriorating health & even indebtedness etc. For eliminating such inauspicious effect of planets, the person should worship lord Shiva, lord Hanuman, goddess Lakshmi & goddess Sati. Vikram (born on 24.10. 84 at 10 a.m in Punjab) wants to settle matrimonial disputes via the solutions of astrology. As per astrology, his horoscope reveals that he has taken birth in Taurus ascendance & moon is existing in the capricorn sign. Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of mars presently. He ought to offer \’modak\’ made of sweet gram flour to lord Hanuman; enchant \’SUnder kand pathh\’ with the entire family once in a month; show respect to elders & cow as well.

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