Arthritis | Depression | Height Gaining Tips

If you are in depression take the seeds for white petha (which is used for sweets). You can do vajra aasan regularly for taming depression & hence, can come out of insomnia. Take apple juice regularly. It boosts to the brain & heals depression quickly.

For height gaining, mix juice of carrot, beet root & tomato. Take it as it balances the hormonal disturbance.

Sinus can be reduced by taking an allergic treatment course by our organization. Along with the course of ayurvedic treatment, start pouring pure ghee (made from cow’s milk) in your nostrils, it will stop the disease to breed outrageously.

Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis suggests some simple treatment. For energizing your body & reducing the stiffness, start having a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric daily at night. Arthritis patients should take chapatti of roasted wheat, gram & barley flour along with it, take buttermilk in your lunch with heeng in it.

For Arthritis & Migraine treatment, you can contact us & do the course provided by our organization for improvement & better results.