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Another Side of Adil Hussain, You Wouldn’t Know! | Leaders Talk

Adil Hussain: My mother especially always supported me by telling me take-up things of my choice. She also used to give me money to participate in the plays and acting competition. My father, though not against acting, had a fear about how would I earn through this. I hail from Assam and Mumbai is quite far from there. Parents always had a comprehension that Mumbai is a city of rich people and what would son of a normal teacher do there whose income is not that much. We had no money to buy even milk during childhood, so how a boy from such a family would survive in the city like Bombay. If you really love something, you really can achieve it if your love is true. But it has be a true love only without any infatuation, or excuses. Your conviction should be 100% and there should not be any Plan B.