Ankle Pain | White Spots | About Vedic Maharas

‘Vedic maharas’ is not only for men. It can be consumed by women as well. It provides energy to the body. It is also good for a healthy married life. After taking Vedic Maharas, women feel no more disinterested. Even the baby will be very healthy.

For ankle pain, turmeric milk is very beneficial. Another remedy for ankle pain is to warm the legs in warm water consisting salt and alum. Apply the paste of turmeric, honey and choona on the ankles as per health remedies.

The best exercise is to keep the legs straight, bring them forth and back for recovering out of ankle pain.

Salaaki juice is very effective remedy. Take a set of it from the institution. Check if your uric acid is not increasing. If it is then its set will also be sent to you.

Avoid sugar. Drink warm water after eating food to cure ankle pain. Soak dhania seeds overnight in water and drink that water in the morning and evening for pacifying ankle pain. Avoid sugar, preserved food, oily food and drink warm water after eating food.

To cure white spots problem, three years treatment is required. Udad daal should be applied on the white spots.