Angel Therapy

Regular workshops of Angel therapy are organised for learning this alternate science at the certified centres of ours. Angel therapy is supposed to be the best therapy currently among reiki healers, merlin therapists etc.. There are many benefits of using Angel therapy.

In Reiki therapy, healing is provided through photograph of the desirer which consumes half an hour per day. But in Angel therapy, an angel is evoked once which continues to carry on the healing process until it gets completely cured or treated for which you have to contribute just two to three minutes per day.

Invoke (to ANGELS) procedure takes 20 to 25 minutes on the very first day but afterwards, no long healing is required. Angels differ as per specific purpose of the individuals such as finance. The aspirants who want to learn this therapy has a good news as the feature of ‘automatic writing’ is added to Angel therapy.

In automatic writing, one has to write the specific purpose on a white paper. Then, guiding angel is called while holding the pen in hand and his hand will start writing on it automatically. Thereby, you will get the answer of your query in the written form. This angel will provide you appropriate guidance of ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ in life. Every thing including the time period of meeting your desire will also be got by you through the Guiding Angel. By god’s charisma and grace, each and every thing will be carried out exactly as it was written provided that every norm of the therapy would have been followed devotionally and appropriately. There are so many instances that convey success stories of automatic writing through Angel therapy, such as, a person came to know the exact date, day and time of his foreign visit. Once, a kidney patient came to know via automatic writing that undergoing normal treatment would work out positively. So, he denied undergoing surgery which was fixed to be operated the very next day. And the following day, his stone came out automatically while urinating in the evening. Therefore, obeying the guidance works miraculously calculating several fruitful results.

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