Angel Therapy for House Selling

The complaint of not getting your house sold conveys that the actual market value of the property has not been offered.Angel Therapy for house selling has solution to this problem.

Take nine clear crystals to keep at eight corners and one in the centre of the house which you want to sell. The crystal to be kept in the centre is supposed to be the master crystal that requires stimulation and energy as per Angel Therapy for house selling.

Now, programming under Angel therapy for house selling is to be done by assuming that by god’s grace, our house has been sold out at the desired cost. This programming generates vibration. Crytals maintain that vibration continuously in the ambience under Angel therapy for house selling. Therefore, keep energizing and programming for immediate result. When the deal gets fixed then you have to remove the crystals from their respective placement. Then again, reinstall those crystals at the property that you want to sell & notice the difference that Angel therapy for house selling.

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