Aggarwal Family Tree

The first unique website ‘aggarwalsfamilytree.com’ is designed with the prime motto of establishing unity and integrity among various people of ‘aggarwal community’. This website of Aggarwal Family Tree keeps records with all necessary details of an individual aggarwal community person regarding his/her family status, bio-data, historical back-ground etc. so that adequate and proper information can be navigated to various aspirants or interested people. The most striking feature of Aggarwal Family Tree’s website is that the registered family’s children would get automatically updated to ‘aggarwalmatrimonial.com’ after reaching marital age where they seem eligible for suitable match.

Rs 2100/- are charged as its enrollment fee which is utilized for maintaining this website. It flashes hyperlinked relationship of registered members to various distinguished families internationally. No money is charged for visiting and uploading details on the site for 10 days but if you seem satisfied with the service of Aggarwal Family Tree then you can enroll your ward’s name to this site with Rs 1100/- only via state bank of india for making it valid upto one year.

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Dr. Rajendra Aggarwal

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