Acupressure Treatment for Gallbladder Stone

Acupressure treatment for gallbladder Stone helps in recovering stone problem. Stones in Kidney are the crystallized form of bile juice. Acupressure treatment for gallbladder stone and Reiki therapies can dilute the concentrated form of it. This problem strikes when prithvi element inside body has been raised. So, Fire element is increased via acupressure or Reiki or colour therapy to melt stones in kidney.

Under acupressure treatment for gallbladder stone, specific points are activated on the hand. Then, magnets are applied on those points.

Reiki therapy stimulates solar plexus chakra to remove kidney from gallbladder while base chakra is activated to eliminate stone from kidney using yellow crystal, blue and red colour along with psychic surgery.

Height gaining and marriage related problems can also be solved via reiki therapy.

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