Acupressure Therapy to Conceive

If blockage in fallopian tube is causing interruption in concieving then it should be removed using acupressure therapy to conceive. As per acurpessure norms, the area that lies between middle and ring finger of the palm, of which side fallopian tube is blocked, should be activated. Acupressure therapy to conceive is executed using acupressure machine till 3 to 5 minutes.

Then, the magnet denoting south pole in the mid and south pole surrounding it should be applied just below the middle finger. Now, acupressure therapy to conceive requires activation of right little finger’s middle joint till 3 to 5 minutes.

Under Reiki to conceive, Sacral chakra is energized using orange crystal. Yellow and red crystals signify fire element that melts the fallopian tube’s blockage. Thus, drink water that should be magnetically charged with yellow, red and orange crystals.

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