Acupressure Therapy for Joint Pain

Our outrageous lifestyle and food habits have made our body ‘an abode of diseases’.

Under acupressure therapy for joint pain, our index finger signifies hand of both particular sides while middle finger of both hands represents leg. Stimulate lower joint for curing shoulder pain, middle joint for treating elbow pain and upper joint of index finger via acupressure for joint pain. it helps in getting relief in wrist pain of respective aching side. Energize your lower joint of middle finger to cure hip pain, middle joint to heal knee pain along with twisting of small left finger’s nail. As per acupressure therapy for joint pain, upper joint of the foregone fingers is stimulated to treat ankle pain of the respective aching side. Afterward, apply methi ring or magnet there to let the acupressure therapy for joint pain work.

Reiki’s 7 crystals should be energized and kept in open regularly for healig related ailment belonging to particular chakra. Colour therapy is utilized only after concluding medical report of the patient in deep. You can learn alternate science by enrolling for regular course or by distant learning program at specific franchise in particular state.

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