Acupressure Therapy for Gallbladder Stone

Acupressure therapy for gallbladder stone discloses that Stone is formed due to rise of prithvi or earth element that results in solidification of pitth in gall bladder. Acupressure machine rises agni or fire element by stimulating left index finger’s upper end. This way acupressure therapy for gallbladder stone makes the stones abraded. Then, one yellow magnet facing to thumb and one white magnet facing middle finger on palm side are applied. Same magnets on the same side of index finger are pasted but at the back of the hand as per acupressure therapy for gallbladder stone.

Acidity and pain due to stone can be calmed down by activating gall bladder point situated at your palm. Then, apply five star magnets on the same point under acupressure therapy for gallbladder stone.

Energized yellow crystal is used to treat same problem that belongs to healing of solar plexus chakra according to Reiki. Seven rystals’ energized water should be drunk to eliminate any kind of disease.

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