Acupressure Therapy for Constipation

Unhygienic diet, outrageous eating habits and diet conceive constipation. Acupressure therapy for constipation suggests for stiimulation. As per norms of acupressure therapy or constipation, small finger’s first joint of both hands is to be stimulated for 3 to 5 minutes. You can do it by using acupressure machine or just twisting and turning of this joint are enough to activate it. Then, methi ring or specific magnet is applied around that joint for getting good results out of acupressure therapy for constipation.

Blue or red colour around that joint can also be marked for relief in hard motion according to acupressure for motion.

As per Reiki for constipation, Yellow crystal is used. It heals solar chakra, orange crystal treats sacral chakra and red crystal balances base chakra to implement reiki for constipation.

As per acupressure for acidity, the first joint of left index finger and right ring finger are twisted for 3 to 5 minutes. Then, methi ring is applied there according to acupressure for acidity.

Acupressure for acne suggests stimulation to middle finger. Middle finger should be stimulated to uproot acne via acupressure for acne. Then, methi ring is applied there.

If neck or cervical pain is troubling you then massage lower back part of your both thumbs for implementing acupressure for cervical pain. Afterwards, apply magnets there.

Height kit is available for gaining height via reiki and acupressure therapies.

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