Acupressure for Migraine

Acupressure for Migraine briefs when heat soars upto your head, it causes migraine or severe head ache. In acupressure for MIgraine, thumb’s uppermost part is considered as head so that portion of thumb is twisted and turned in order to stimulate that point. Then, press LI4 point that exists between left hand’s thumb and index finger at the back of hand as perprescription under Acupressure for Migraine.

Afterward, apply white magnet or methi ring on the first joint of left index finger and yellow magnet or methi ring on the right middle finger’s knuckle. It is done under acupressure for migraine after stimulating those points using acupressure machine.

Under Reiki for Migraine, Rub your both palm to generate heat, energize crystals and actiavte solar plexus and third eye chakra by reiki therapy.

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