Acupressure for Memory Loss

Acupressure for memory loss enhances memory power. For this, LU11 point located on the inner side of both thumbs should be activated with the aid of acupressure machine as per acupressure for memory loss guidelines. Afterwards, apply magnets’ white side touching to your thumbs while yellow side should be remain outside.

Chokurie pandent can also be used to boost-up logical power under acupressure for memory loss. In order to conceive learning by brain,stimulate middle finger’s topmost end point using acupressure machine and then apply magnets’ yellow part touching skin while white part should face outside.

According to acupressure for memory loss, H9 point on index fingers should be energized to enhance conceptual knowledge.Then, apply magnet with its yellow face down and white face up to execute acupressure for memory loss.

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