Acupressure For Gallbladder Stone

Acupressure for gallbladder stone is treated by using acupressure kit. You ought to activate the point existing between index finger and ring finger on the palm of right hand for three to five minutes. Thereafter, you ought to apply magnets at the same point where you have given activation via accupressure machine, as per acupressure for gallbladder stone.

Stones in gall bladder are formed due to rise of water element and decline of fire (agni) element inside the body. Under acupressure for gallbladder stone needs sticking of two yellow magnets and two white magnets on left hand’s index finger for rising fire (agni) element so that crystals of stones in gall bladder would get diluted.

Psychic surgery is recommended for treating stone in Reiki therapy which also, remediates fatty liver problem.

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