Acupressure for Eye Problems

Reiki grid consists of crystals, symbols, numbers and colours to alleviate all kinds of vastu related, number related, 5 elements related and planets related defects. Reiki Grid needs wish-chit. This wish-chit is installed in it for fulfilling particular wish and crystals are energized for establishing balancing energy of 7 chakras.

Acupressure has cure for all diseases, from pain to early stage of cancer. Acupressure for height gain needs height gain kit. It triggers pituitary gland for secreting height hormones by inducing pressure on 10 specific points on your hand.

Acupressure for knee joint pain suggests stimulation to middle finger’s mid joint. Twist ring finger’s nail area with hand and then, apply methi ring there as per acupressure for knee joint pain.

Wart outbursts due to rise of prithvi element in the body. So, acupressure for wart commends energizing your solar plexus chakra with yellow crystal to end its shooting onto your body.

Acupressure for eye problems advocates stimulation to index finger’s mid joint till 10 to 15 minutes. Then, cover it with a methi ring there or magnet for executing acupressure for eye problems.

Reiki for eye problems suggests for energizing third eye chakra with blue crystal. Alongside, solar plexus chakra should be stimulated using yellow crystal for executing reiki for eye problems.

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