Acupressure for Back Pain

Back-pain may shoot due to sitting job mostly,now-a-days.As per norms of accupressure for back pain, stimulate your both hand’s back side’s central part for 3 to 5 minutes. Acupressure for back pain recommends sticking magnets or methi ring there afterwards. Twist and turn left ring finger lower joint for few minutes. Then, stick a methi ring there to experience the magic of acupressure for back pain.

Severe back problems are treated with specified acupressure kit. 10 points on your both hands are activated using acupressure machine after which apply methi seed or magnets there for treating via acupressure for back pain. Twisting and turning of middle finger’s middle joint cure knee pain in general cases. Same treatment should be done with knuckles of ring finger of both hands under acupressure for back pain.

Reiki for back pain recommends boosting-up energy level of mool-aadhar chakra to strengthen muscles, nerves and bones using reiki crystal or you will get energy of seven crystals by energizing your photo.

Reiki for correcting aura suggests wearing seven crystals studded pendant. A special triangular pendant with miniature forms of seven crystals embedded on it, is available to correct aura related problem by outer triangle, physical problem by middle triangle and internal problem by innermost triangle. Under reiki for correcting aura, silver triangular pendant is meant for females and aggressive males. Gold triangular pendant, according to reiki for correcting aura, is designed for males and too shy females. Reiki grid helps to overcome nine problems of life relating to vastu, planet and five elements.

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