Acne | Height Gain | Gastric Problem | Naturopathy Tips

As per naturopathy tips, apply multani mitti (fuller earth) on your face before taking bath to cure acne, if you have oily skin. Multani mitti absorbs all the oil from the face and removes the dead skin that causes acne.

Turmeric milk is good for boosting energy and providing relief from pain.

For height gain, drink carrot, tomato and beet root’s juice in winters As per Naturopathy tips, you can drink apple or pomegranate juice in summers. Even the institution provides its kit. Also, stretch your body & neck for more results via Naturopathy tips.

For solving gastric problem, drink buttermilk (chhach). Mix the vedic salt in it. Also, apply mustard oil on navel before sleeping to sort gastric problem. One more remedy is to feed milk to dog to cure gastric problem.