Acidity | Shoulder Pain | Health Remedies

For curing acidity problem, eat 5-6 doob grass or juice of doob grass. Also, keep a harr in your mouth to quench acidity. Drink hot water after dinner. Murva’s chutney is also beneficial in acidity.

For shoulder pain, consume cow milk and methi. Apply turmeric and honey paste there to uproot shoulder pain. You can add choona too. Salt and turmeric in warm water is also beneficial in shoulder pain.

As per health remedies, munakka and turmeric in milk will help boost your energy. For pain anywhere in the body, drink salaaki’s juice. According to health remedies, apply paste of turmeric, honey and choona; heat aak’s leaf, apply turmeric on it and tie it. Drinking turmeric milk will also be one of the helpful health remedies.