Achhe Logon Ke Saath Bura Kyun Hota Hai

The book Achhe Logon Ke Sath Bura Kyun Hota Hai is a chain in the series of beneficial service for Aggarwal community. The website ‘aggarwalmatrimonial.com’ is developed with the motive of serving society, especially aggarwal community. No charges will be charged for visiting this site by the visitors where they would have opportunity to search suitable match for their wards with their complete profile and family details. Email address and personal numbers of the available candidates are kept secret for security purpose. But you can upload your photograph absolutely free of cost.Registration charges to be a formal member of this community online will be just Rs 1100/- with validation of upto one year.

Dr. Rajendra Aggarwal has written a book called ‘Achhe Logon Ke Saath Bura Kyun Hota Hai’ in which he concluded that the god testifies goodness of righteous people at some stage of life but their faith should be as firm as a mountain.

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Dr. Rajendra Aggarwal

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