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Reiki Training tells you all about reiki. It comprises elaborate description and demonstration of energised seven chakras in the body. Reiki Training is done by incarnating metaphysical links between cosmic force and human body.You can learn more about reiki:

Mool-aadhar chakra- Reiki training teaches how to improve ‘mool-aadhar chakra’ of human body so that muscles, bones and kidney would carry on their functioning properly. The improvement in this chakra uplifts financial condition as well as induces stability since it represents earth element.
‘Sacral chakra’ represents water that maintains better relationships. Reiki training tells how to enhance ‘Solar Plexus’ to earn fame, ‘Heart chakra’ to generate love and compassion, ‘throat chakra’ to improve communication skills, ‘third mind’ to balance conscious and sub- conscious mind and ‘crown chakra’ brings spiritual enlightment.

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