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Vastu tips for Marriageable Daughter | Vastu Shastra | Vaastu



The biggest responsibility upon parents is rearing their offspring while learning as many skills as they can. But the biggest responsibility upon them is to settle their wards in life via the pious thread of wedding. As per religious aspect, the debt of a daughter can be paid off only through 'Kanya-dan' or marriage which leads the way of eternity of the parents.

Like any other parents, has the issue of wedding of your marriageable daughter been causing pain in your head? It has been observed despite having beautiful and bewitching features, attributes and various skills, the marriage of your talented marriageable daughter seems impossible. The reason of it can be wrong location of her room as per Vastu tips for marriageable daughter. The direction namely south, west or southwest directions do not let fall the auspicious coincident of your daughter's marriage. The foregone directions are advantageous for male youngsters as per vastu shastra.

The vaastu norms suggests that “Vayavya kona” or the northwest direction is an ideal nook or place for her where the air keeps on ventilating always while correcting the ambience where your daughter resides. As per vastu tips for marriageable daughter, her bed must be carefully placed in either north or west but putting it in the southwest is a worse idea as it would be prone to invite ominous effect disrupting the marriage