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According to “Vastu for industries” the ideal directions for the following industries are as follows:

  • South facing direction- for chemical, iron, leather and diamond industries.
  • Either south or west facing- for plastic shoe factories.

Although northeast direction is good for plastic shoe sole factory yet the installation of heavy machinery like gen set, electric meter, toilet or temple in this direction can cause trouble as per “Vastu for industries”.

Cut in boring, water tank and the establishment of temple in the southwest direction increase legal problems, lack of labor and strike.

Fire, theft or frequent financial losses are the outcome of vastu shortcomings in the northwest direction.

Blockage or cut, stairs and getting fresh in the toilet while facing the east direction invite “brand” related cases according to “Vastu for industries”.

Uncertain demise or accident of the worker or the owner, frequent meantime losses are caused due to vastu related shortcomings in the southwest direction.