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Vastu Shastra Tips & Techniques | Vaastu Remedies



Some vastu tips for having peace and prosperity in your life are listed below:

  • The place of worship should not have a bell or conch.
  • The photographs of your ancestors should not be kept in the temple. 
  • The colour of curtain should not be red, brown or saffron
  • Also, books and scriptures etc. should not be placed on a shelf above the temple. 
  • We ought to worship facing in east direction
  • Medicines should not be kept in the kitchen. It would lead to more health problems
  • While eating, studying, worshipping you should be facing east.
  • The head of the family should not face south direction while doing all such chores.
  • While sleeping, the head of the occupants should be in south direction. 
  • Books, shoes, utensils should not be kept inside the bed. 
  • The colour scheme of the bedroom, bed sheet, pillow covers should not be so vibrant and odd.
  • The bedroom should not have any devotional photograph or painting. There should be one mattress on the double bed. For that you can stitch another mattress to it at home and place it on top of the bed.
  • There should not have a looking mirror in the bedroom. 
  • Toilet should not be made in north-east, east or north direction. 
  • The WC should be at such place that our face should be in east direction when we are getting fresh.