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Vastu Remedies For Protection Against Enemies



Arti Verma, the Vastu consultant, informs about the Vastu solutions to deal with enemies. Failure despite making several attempts & the rising number of enemies indicate vastu defects in your house. This vastu defect can be in southwest & southeast of the house in the form of underground tank. It makes your enemies stronger & lead to litigation. Inflictions may pile up if your main door is in wrong direction. By adorning Om, Swastik or Trishul (Trident) on both sides of the door, this vastu defect can be dealt easily. Rahu Yantra in southwest direction helps in cutting down the number of enemies & life can be made free from stress. Wrap one fist each of black mustard seeds, yellow mustard seeds and black pepper corns in a bag and hang it in the southeast on Saturday.

Bury it at an isolated place on eighth day. Vastu defect can be averted by keeping the toilet doors shut & placing an energized pyramid in southwest. The vastu defect due to underground water tank in foregone wrong direction can be removed by painting its lid with red colour. If the kitchen is in southwest, then its walls should be painted yellow & its floor should be elevated. Placing sidhha yantra of ‘Baglamukhi’ in southwest can settle peace and handle enemies. So, lit incense or incense sticks on every Tuesday and Saturday to worship this yantra.