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Main door is the first place where we see the faces of our guests. It also shows the financial condition of the people living in the house. If main door is in the right direction then 50% vastu of that house is correct.

The best directions for main door are north-east, north and east. For some, even south direction is suitable.

If the main door is in south-west, you won’t be able to prosper.

If it is in south-east then you will have to struggle a lot and there will be a risk of theft and fire always.

If the main gate is in north-east then good opportunities will come in your home.

If main gate is in north, money will flow in your house.

If main gate is in east, you will get name and fame. North-east is suitable for everyone. North is suitable for those who own a shop or do some business. For traders, west is the best direction. West is good for ladies also.

If the main door is in west and you can’t change your house then assign the house on the name of the lady of the house. If your house is in south-west the vastu remedy is to make the door frame or install 9 pyramids. There should not be any pillar, pit or something big and high, a t-point in front of the main door. It should not be a last house that is of closed neck. It is good to put your family’s name or the house’s name at the entrance of the house