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Vastu For Kitchen | Vaastu Directions | Vastu Remedies



The best direction for kitchen is south-east. The other two appropriate directions are south and east according to Vastu. If the kitchen is located in north-east then monetary losses will occur, people won’t respect you, and children will have problems related to health and studies.

According to VastuWomen can suffer from backache. Depression, aggression and blood pressure may remain high. If the kitchen is in north, loan burden will pursue. If the kitchen is in south-west, the head of the family will have health problems and may have a tiff with someone.

Those who cook non-vegetarian food, their kitchen should be in south. The platform of the kitchen should never be made of black granite. If the kitchen has black stone, the person who works in the kitchen will suffer from back ache, stomach ache, loose motions, etc..

On keeping medicines in the kitchen, you might have to eat medicines again and again as per vastu. If fire (gas stove) and water (water cooler, water pitcher, jug, etc.) are kept in one row then money will never stay in your hands.

The entrance of Kitchen should be in north, north-east or east direction only according to Vastu shastra