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Vastu for Income | North-East Defect



“Judge your ability first and then set your profit earning target”-it is the best advice mentioned in vastu-shastra under the title “Vastu for income”. The real need of “Vastu for income” arises when you are honestly giving your best and hundred percent in establishing your career but success seems denying to come to your account.

As per vastu-solutions, there are certain solid reasons conveying that the northeast may create problems. The causes of the vastu-defects are laid above:

  • As per vastu-norms, the establishment of store, stairs or toilet in northeast direction.
  • The worshipping place in northeast direction due to beginning of girl’s menstrual problem.
  • Tulsa or Tulsi becomes dry due to girl’s period problem.

Females should be prohibited to come in front of fire during first 3 days of period. Otherwise the main responsibility bearer has to suffer financial loss and kids face health problems as per “Vastu for income” suggestion.

Vastu for income” points boring, fountain or even their pictures in southeast can create tension or health diseases in kids. The vastu shortcomings in northwest of the house can let golden opportunities related to career go out of your reach due to uncertain reason according to “vastu for income