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Vastu For Dinning Room | Vaastu Tips | Vastu Directions



Food can be eaten sitting at any place; only you should face east while eating. The two directions where you should not face while eating are south-west and south-east.

Dining room can be in east, south and south-east. It can also be in eastern part next to the kitchen. Dining table can be rectangular, square or oval. It should not be totally round in shape. What happens is that even if there are only four members in a family they won’t be able to eat together and at the same time. The head of the family should not sit facing south or south-west while eating. You should keep some fruits at the centre of the table. If not possible to keep real fruits then you can keep artificial fruits too. You must paste the wallpapers related to food only in the kitchen. The dining table should be made up of wood. If it is made up of glass then make sure it is not transparent