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Vastu for Career | Vaastu Directions



Vastu-shastra is a vast concept based on resurrection of architecture. The ancient and very effective vastu-shastra  is not meant for only adults since it has vastu solutions meant for every aspect and being. There are vastu tips for kids as well but since they are not mature enough, the execution or implementation of those tips is to be done by adults for them. The effect would be similar, i.e. resurrection. 

According to vastu-shastra, if you want to start a new gym, the first thing to be considered immensely is the direction where the heavy machines should be placed. Vastu-shastra suggests the ideal directions for equipping a gym with appropriate placement as per its guidelines which are south-west, west, north-west and south-east. 'Vastu for gym' requires placement and fixing of mirror in the west, south or south-west directions since these directions would result in immediate losses according to vastu shastra. Hence, any other direction, other than these can be considered for erecting the mirror in order to fetch the maximum outcome in financial terms.