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Vastu For Bathroom | Bathroom Directions | Vastu Defects



The bathroom and WC should be separate according to vastu. Bathroom can be in north, north-east or east direction.

For bathroom with WC, the best directions are south, west and north-west as per vastu. If WC is in any other direction then stomach problems will always trouble. Irritation would always persist especially in women, as per vastu suggestions.

If it is in the south-west direction then the head of the family, men and children would suffer from health and monetary problems. The bathroom should not be decorated like a drawing room. Reading newspaper in the bathroom is also wrong as per vastu.

While getting fresh, our face should never be in east and north-east. Ideal directions are west and south as per vastu.

The bathroom should not be located below the stairs. If your bathroom is in the wrong direction then keeping sea-salt in it would help. Also, 9 inch by 9 inch mirror can be put on the north or the east wall.