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Money, undoubtedly, falls into your account having taken vastu related corrective measures. For instance, the flower wilts as it is kept in the sun; likewise, the money will get spent due to unnecessary expenditure. So, it\'s essential to have proper place for keeping your money insured. The facing of toilet sheet can either be in north or in west and the portrait of any ancester can be fixed on south wall instead of west. Kitchen in north east affect the health of every innates badly. Hence, it must be in the southeast near the main gate and the facing while cooking should be towards east as per vastu. Bedroom in southeast, i.e. Agni kona, is inauspicious for everyone from the perspective of physical as well as psychological health, such as high blood pressure, frustration, annoyance and irritation etc. which increase the chances of differences. A couple\'s bed room should be in south, or west or in southwest. A couple can put rose quartz crystal and apply light green colour along with the pictures representing greenery in their room. A room in northeast must not be used as a store room. Leaving space in northwest can invite financial crises along with delays as it indicates vastu defect. keeping a locker or chest in the house is considered as a propitious deed. Adorning it in southeast,i.e. Agni kona, burns everything that is kept here which means the unnecessary expenditure and unexpected losses will be endured. In vastu, northwest is termed as a vayu direction containing air element which symbolizes instability. So, as much you insure in locker as fast it will be spent. However, money does not go waste but it is consumed by luxuries. The money does not flow rapidly while placing locker in northeast. It retards growth. This direction is supposed to be reserved for prosperity and bliss. Money may get \'Taamsik\' affect; therefore, avoid it to be kept here.Vastu shastra suggests that bedroom should be located in the southwest as it is very strong direction where rest can be expected. It is also an ideal location for keeping locker in this direction as it assigns stability to your money and will attract growth and financial prospect as magnetic energy is gotten from northeast and settles in southwest. Similarly, the positive vibes floating from northeast will supply power to the flow of money which will enhance it to double. So, locker should be in Nairitya kona as per technical term of vastu. Apply dark brown colour in the bedroom of southwest where northeast is relatively higher that southwest. Hang a picture of a mountain on the wall of southwest and place a big almirah here to remove vastu defect. Lack of timing does not make you enable to repair furniture. Broken furniture creates health problem as per vastu. So, make it repaired. Wash-basin in Agni-kona conceives irritation and arrogance in mood along with any meager problem that will continue to trouble you prolong. The adjoined edge of south and east direction is called \'Aagneya- kona\'. Hindrance in any work represents vastu defect in the house. It springs out of the broken goods stored in the house. So, make their wear and tear on time. Vastu element namely \'Energy Cleansing soap\' is a semi precious stone which is brought from Malaysia, Brazil and southeast Asian countries. It cleanses the ambience of the house and also the energies of living and non-living things. Rubbing this stone all over your body after taking bath enhances your aura. Broken or repaired idols symbolizes a handicap person. Hence, the idols and pictures that are broken must not be given any place in the house. Toilet in northeast is thought to be a basic defect of vastu which can be corrected by keeping sea-salt and a plant of Palm tree in it.