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Vastu And Energy Enhancement



Energy consultant Arti Verma tells how to seek happiness via vastu. The combination of three lucks, i.e. Earth, Heaven & Mankind, can bring luck for cheer & happiness. Earth Luck points to Vastu, Heaven Luck is related to past karmas while Mankind Luck represents present karmas. Balancing the energy of the house covers 33 % luck while 66% depend on the rest two lucks. The energy of the house can be retained by Vastu.

The energy of seven chakras stores balance since vastu purush of the house also has seven chakras that provide energy. Cosmos provides energy to human being while five elements (ether, water, fire, air & soil) render it to Vastu Purush. If the energy of vastu purush is balanced then the energy of the house will be balanced automatically. Colours & directions are significant to enhance energy. The woeful pictures, such as battle, crying kids and eagle or crow, should be given ‘no place’ in the house. Holy ritual Havana should be performed twice a year for inflowing positive vibes. Mopping with saline water twice a week, especially on Tuesday & Saturday, & burning camphor or incense in the house enable positive energy to enter into the house. You ought to cite mantra, like ॐ भूर भुवः स्वः or, ॐ त्रियम्बकं, for 15 to 30 minutes a day to sanctify the house. Puja-room should be located in the northeast. Keep the front part elevated and the back portion of the house lower. If the architecture of the house is not as per norms, then installation of dish antenna can balance it. Oiling of the hinges of doors ought to be done to dispel negative energy. As per vastu, main door ought to look big & beautiful. Tulsi plant corrects vastu defect.