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Vastu & Feng Shui Tips | Vastu Consultant - Naresh Singal



North-east direction controls the nervous system. It should not be L-shaped, round or half-round. If it is so, it results in mental illness, aggression, irritation, etc. Sometimes feelings of suicide also come in mind. North-west is responsible for not receiving payments on time. There are two terms-vastu  pooja and vastu shanti. Vastu pooja is done for taking permission from God before starting something new like building a house. Vastu shanti is done as a remedy for vastu dosh or vastu defect. The objective is that God should not get angry on you. For example, you purchase an already built house in which there is some vastu dosh, then you would not want God to get angry from you and hence you would go for vastu shanti. You can also do nav grah pooja which is done to appease the nine planets. If the south-east corner of your house is elongated, cut, there is a boring or septic tank their; the health of the females of the house remains bad. If you have the place of worship in south-west even that results in continuous health problems because south-west is considered as the place of the dead ones.