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Vastu is an architectural science pertaining to the structure of the living place that assures the resurrection of it. “Vastu myths” declares that vastu is meant for the welfare of human being. The main motive of this science is to provide maximum benefits to the people irrespective of varied religions with positive energy. “Vastu myths” advocates that vastu is scientifically based on the five natural elements, i.e. Agni (fire), Vayu (Air), Aakash (ether), Jala (water) and Prithvi (Earth) and no science can deny this fact. Vastu exercise affects upon each and every individual in the same respect or manner.

According to vastu, depression raises the feeling of being alone and surrounded by a lot of troubles and responsibilities. “Vastu myths” tells that if the Eshan kona or the northeast direction is out of possession, cracked or damaged it would affect nervous system of the real responsibility bearer of the family either he may be elder or younger. As per vastu guideline, the placement of toilet, boring, breakage, temple or slope in Nairuthi kona or southwest direction will effect adversely to the head of the family. “Vastu myth” informs about the physical, mental and monetary loss due to the above mentioned reasons.