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Types of Diabetes | Diabetes in Children



Host:  Data states that 6.5 crore people in India are diabetic. 7.8 crore people don’t know that they are diabetic. It means that they are standing at the platform of the Diabetes. These are very surprising figures and having known to them is frightening. But you should not be fearsome because we will inform you through this program how to get rid of Diabetes. I can tell you this because we have India’s leading lifestyle doctor and famous Diabetologist Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

Doctor, 6.5 crore Indians are diabetics and 7.8 crore are unfamiliar that they are diabetics.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Don’t they know or has the borderline been removed? These are the figures.

Host: But, they are really scared.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Most of the people are unknown to this fact. I say that people want to live in anonymity or darkness. And when the facts are dawned before them, they pretend that they don’t see.

Host: You told me in the previous program that those who try to become pigeon they are sure to be inflicted because they don’t want to believe that they are suffering from Diabetes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, we have seen some children and some elders, too, behave like this as if any spark catches fire by mistake, they try to cover it by ignoring it. And when the fire goes massive then its controlling becomes hard nut to crack and everything turns into ashes. We should not behave like a child or like pigeon. We ought to douse that spark instantly. We need to extinguish it instead of escaping from it having covered it. You should be scared from being scolded, especially from doctor and control it so that it may not bother you in life ahead.

Host: Isn’t it so that only elders are affected by Diabetes? The shocking thing for me is that children do get affected by Diabetes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, Diabetes is of two types. Today, elders behave like child and children do not hide that they are diabetic. Instead the latter wants help. There are two types of Diabetes, i.e. Type 1 and Type 2. One thing ought to be understood that Type 1 is autoimmune. It means that the civil war goes on in your body amid which the cells begin to destroy their immune. And when destruction takes place inside, then insulin is to be taken from outside. Only 5 % people are infected with it. It is also named as ‘Juvenile Diabetes ’. But another Diabetes called ‘Primary Diabetes’ about which we are talking; that is needed to be reversed is Type 2. It is a condition of insulin resistance. You have to manage both kind of Diabetes definitely since both bring threat. But you don’t have any control over the fore in which you can maintain blood sugar levels. But Type 2 , connected to obesity and lifestyle, needs to be controlled definitely.

Host: Doctor, it is believed that autoimmune disease has no cure. Is there any provision of it in reversing Diabetes?                  

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: As far as Type 1 is concerned, we are talking for reversal of Type 2, neither of Type 1. We are not talking about Juvenile Diabetes or autoimmune process. But we do help the patients of Type 1 by reducing their doses and episodes (Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia). In some cases, we believe, perhaps, the patients can be got off from insulin. But we are not claiming about it at this stage. We will do more research in this sector. Thence, we will inform you. We can stablise and optimize the doses of insulin and can get rid of episodes which are life threatening. As far as Type 2 is concerned, we are specifically talking about reversal.

Host: It is praiseworthy that you have confirmed that you will do research. One day, we will conquer over Type 1 also.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Though we may not be able to conquer but insulin will be removed from the life of many patients. But we will not be able to do so of every patient unfortunately since once destructed cells cannot be revived. Stem cells will have some role in it in future which is also a part of research.

Host: The most important thing to know is if it’s possible that, as my mother is a diabetic, I will inherit Diabetes from his mother.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Definitely. If your either parent has Diabetes then there is 50% chance that you will be a diabetic. And if your both parents are diabetics then there is 100 % chance of getting infected with Diabetes. If your uncle or aunt has Diabetes then you would have 20% chance of getting affected by it since it is genetic. It is coded in your genes to inherit features, as wealth and problems. We inherit it with genetic structure. It means the defective gene is very fragile. When we bring non-optimum changes in our lifestyle, then Diabetes springs out immediately. It’s not like that you have to live with this fear of getting suffered by Diabetes. Follow our system as I give 100% guarantee to you that you will not be infected with Diabetes. I can assure you that you will not be a diabetic.

Host: Doctor, I will stay associated with you as I don’t want to be called a ‘Diabetic’. After watching the condition of my mother, I really want to take care of myself. So, this is the right destination for me.       

Doctor, as we have talked about that is hereditary, is it true that a pregnant diabetic woman will have fetus growing in her womb will be infected with Diabetes?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely. Another classification of Diabetes is told to be ‘gestational Diabetes’. It means the Diabetes at the time of pregnancy. When some people have defective genes and insulin resistance, those ladies become diabetic at the time of pregnancy. The risk of getting defective with Diabetes at the time pregnancy will induce risk of getting defected with Diabetes to the conceiving child. Along, that pregnant lady will be diabetic. There are 100% chances for her to be defected with Diabetes in her 50s or 60s.

Host: Doctor, we chase our career today while keeping aside marriage. We cross 30s and 40s when we tie knot, which is not an ideal age for getting married, but we don’t have any option. Till this age, either boy or girl becomes defected with Diabetes. The same problem rises again at the time of conceiving. Would we think about it at that time? 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Now-a-days, Diabetes is hitting in 20s of the people. It’s a known fact and Type 2 is hitting. An astounding case of diagnosing a 7-year-old child defected with Type 2 Diabetes is noticed in my life which is shocking. Earlier puberty used to onset at 14 or 15- year of age that is reduced to 12, 11, 10 or 8. Our environment is changing that is bringing hormonal changes that are difficult to be escaped. But Diabetes is attacking in 20s. A person asked me if he should marry with her fiancé since she is a diabetic. My answer was simple and clear as what’s the guarantee that another one would not be a diabetic later in her life. You ought to follow a system then only you will be able to reverse the Diabetes in any case. And you can live a comfortable and enjoyable life. We teach discipline and when it comes to your life, it comes to your family and professionally as well. You get success eventually in life.

Caller  I: I am Ujjawal and I have been suffering from Diabetes for 8 years. Although my sugar remains under control but what food items and discipline should be followed to keep sugar under control? When I discover, my PP was 300 and after meal these were 347. Now, these stabilize at 110 or 112 and 147 after meal.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You are in safe zone as far as dfasting levels are concerned. PP should be below 120 at fasting but 147 is quite higher. There is no need to get worry. You just bring it down from 147 for which you have to change your lifestyle in which changes should be made in food. Are you taking Oral hypoglycemic?

Caller  I: I am taking Glucoryl Excel once in a day.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: How old is your Diabetes?

Caller  I: It has been 8 years.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Is it maintained with one tablet?

Caller  I: My age is 43.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It means you take care of yourself. First of all, you have to change your lifestyle; pay attention to your meal; regularly monitor your blood sugar level and must start ‘Diabetall’ since it is very old Diabetes. As your blood sugar level will come down as try to stop the dosage of allopathic drugs having reduced them gradually. There is no fear till you maintain your blood sugar levels. You have the issue of just PP. Please maintain it. But introduce ‘Diabetall’ essentially as your body has deficiencies. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs have important role in sensitization and in reversal of Diabetes.

Host: This kind of Caller s helps those who are ignorant of Diabetes. He was aware a bit who knew his Diabetes is under control. We say that our dependency increases slowly on allopathic drugs. It may be possible that he has maintained his levels.

Caller  II: My name is Shivender Sharma. I got affected by Diabetes four years ago. My age is 37 and I have a kid of 10 year-old. I want to know if there is any chance of my son to be infected with Diabetes since we hear that it is caused to children as their parents have Diabetes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I want to know first if your wife, too, has Diabetes.

Caller  II: No, not even to my parents as well.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You are the patient of first generation of Diabetes. As we have already informed you that Diabetes attacks with a genetic predisposition. A research states that it lies in our genes but alongside, the research also conveys that you can change your genes via lifestyle. Scientific proof has come out. And these are facts before us.  We have seen those having genetic Diabetes, living Diabetes- free life. You ought to educate your son in early age about the healthy lifestyle. Introduce ‘Diabetall’ and ‘Diabetplus’ to his life when he would be 13 or 14 along with exercise and food. But let him eat the food from outside for removing boredom from his life.

Caller  II:   If he has not been a diabetic then why should he be given medicines?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: These are not medicines but food supplements consisting of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs. These will provide you prevention via normal dosage, i.e. ¼ spoon.  It will prevent you from Diabetes in future. Research has proven that genes can be modified via lifestyle. If you introduce these changes then the information gets stored in DNA since our genes are evolving. And your son will not be hit by Diabetes.

Host: A thing still strikes to our mind how we can meet Dr. Sharma.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It’s very simple. Talk to my team. I’ll meet you and attend your problems personally. I am accessible.

Host: I am asking this question to you since TV is a great mode of communication. If something clicks to the mind of the viewers then they pick it. But disease, especially Diabetes, is a sensitive issue. So people find it senseless to buy things after just watching it. Thus, they should meet the doctor. Should they do so or just watching this informative program is enough?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: People come to me from far flung areas but there are many who do not come. Delhi, Dehradun etc. are some places from where demand was superfluous. So we went there and meet them. We have a trained team. We brought convenience via products. We want to cut down the dosage of Oral Hypoglycemic since they have side effects. We have brought solutions from nature.

Host: Doctor, can we join viewers via telephones. When anyone orders for our product, we add him/ her in the program as being connected. We provide you free diet plan, Diabetes- free recipes and free-exercise plan involving cardio-vascular and strength training which are the result of my 13- years’ hardwork basically. You ought to talk to our Diabetes educator. And now, we are ensuring that Diabetes educator will call you despite you forget to call him/her. They clarify your misunderstandings and then you have right to talk to our Diabetes educator, who are trained to sort out your problems at any time in subsequent years. If they don’t be able to sort out your problem then they ask to me and I settle down their queries. We have specialized personal solution having diet plans for those who do visit us including my personal letter for getting improvement in health condition, signature of the Diabetes educator, specific recipes as per your metabolism, height, weight, family history and health condition.

Host: Is it difficult to follow the diet plan you are talking about?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Most of the health centers have ignorant instructors. There exist scanty acknowledgeable doctors. As per my diet plan, avoid white wheat flour, white bread, brown bread, corn flakes, Suji and gram flour products, bhel poori, puddings and flavoured juices, cold drinks, biscuits and rusks. Take multi-grain flour including 40 % wheat flour, 30% gram flour, 10% jowar flour, 10% jau flour and eat brown rice twice a week and take oats and gram flour, sprouts, roasted bajra, fresh vegetable juice and fresh fruits, salty lemonade, coconut water, clear soup, dry fruits, leaves of stevia as a sweetener and liquorice, desi ghee of cow and mustard oil, extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil.