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Tips to Reverse Diabetes



Host: Among all creatures, human beings are distinguished. We need to be healthy for laughing and smiling. The greatest pleasure is healthy body but what if a severe disease may inflict us? I will discuss about Diabetes in this segment. It is commonly called as ‘sugar’. It causes its impact gradually on the other parts of the body. Its main reason is changed lifestyle. We have India’s leading lifestyle doctor and famous Diabetalogist Dr. Gaurav Sharma. He is the individuality who lit the lamp of hope in the life of those who were dooming gradually into the hopelessness of Diabetes.

When a patient comes to know that he/ she is a diabetic, he/she becomes upset and sadness surrounds life. But when they come to know about the claim of Dr. Sharma that Diabetes can be reversible then their smile turns into laugh. How did it happen from Diabetes to being a reversible Diabetes cure? 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma:  Well, we will not call it cure but literally, a reversal. Two or three categories of diabetics are there. Ones are cautious who want to take action since they are scared from getting damaged to organ. The second category is of those who show their recklessness and keep on procrastinating for taking medical aid. This category has the people who do not go for blood testing. (Interrupted for taking a call…)

 Caller  I: I am Dr. Singh talking from Ambala. I have been suffering from Diabetes for 25 to 20 years. My condition was worsened to such extent that I had been suffering from fever for months and my arteries were blocked and now, insulin is started. I started insulin with 20 two years ago. Now, it has been restricted to 10. I have been taking this composition involving Diabetplus. In the beginning, my HPA1C was counted 9 on an average and now, it is calmed down to 7. I take 6 units of insulin in the morning and 4 in the evening. Earlier, I used to take 20 units per day. My PP remains between 100 and 150. I feel fatigues as well as pant while doing exercises as per your prescription. I am facing problem while doing exercises according to your suggestions since my nerves ache. Now, please suggest me what should I do?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Dr. Singh, your Diabetes is old and you are veteran of it. Most of the patients in this condition either confront kidney failure or organ damage. You might have procrastinated. But your results are good in the span of just 3 months. When your levels will be lying somewhere between 150 and 170, you will feel tired even then. You ought to increase the dosage of insulin or I will advice to introduce ‘Diabetall’ as soon as possible and talk to our Diabetes educators. It would be much better to talk to Shruti. She will be able to make you ensured how to reduce the units of insulin. When your levels will be below 120 then no tiredness will be a problem for you. Of course, these exercises are challenging but these give results too. That’s why we have drafted this kind of plan for you. You ought to discuss about your diet as well with our Diabetes educators. It’s not less than a miracle to bring such a good result in the Diabetes that is 25 to 30 years old.

Host: Doctor, if we look into the case history of all your patients then all seem like miracle. For instance, Dr. Singh who has been a diabetic for 20 to 25 years and has shown miraculous results in his Diabetes condition.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It’s tremendous.

Host: When you launch any product, it becomes a rage. Now, I want to talk about ‘Sweet Joy’. As the name suggests, it is a sweetener that will provide you sweet joy indeed. What is it? How does it work and how is it good for you?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I have been doing research for some years. Some 6 or 7 years ago, I left the artificial sweetener. But before it, I, too, had had it. I was ignorant. I also don’t want to consume sugar. The greatest happiness is for me since I can enjoy the sweet with ‘Sweet Joy’. We can add it to tea. I will not say that it replaces the sugar but it brings different kind of sweetness in mouth. We worked on stevia. After tasting it, we noticed bitterness that spoils the tea. After frequent research, our research come to the stage where you can drop 4 to 6 drops of it and you will get sweeter taste than before.  (Interrupted..)

Caller  II: My name is Uday Kumar and I am talking from Patna. I am taking your food supplements and have stopped taking other drugs. I don’t have any problem with your supplements. Three months earlier, my levels were 145 and now it is 100.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Are you taking any allopathic drug now?

Caller  II: Yes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Cut down the doses of allopathic drug.          

Caller  II: My BP problem has been settled down.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: What are the drugs you are taking now? Have you cut its doses down?

Caller  II: ‘Diabetplus’. SIfar 2 (Allopathic drug). I have stopped it. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Very good. Now, you have come to the maintenance level. Take just 1 or 2 capsules daily.

Caller  II: I’ll recommend every diabetic to take your food supplement.

Host: Every discovery has its own story and every success story has a struggle behind it. What does your discovery have?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Everyone talks as I have got all things in right time but nobody knows about the struggle behind it. I want to convey to all patients if you have forsaken the hope relating to your health problem then remember one thing always that night does not stay still, the dawn is to come one day. Our journey had 99.99 % recurring. 99.99 % researchers might have left their research in the mid since the journey was full of terrific struggle. I did not leave hope in that murky night. I had faith and keep on walking with the hope that one day will come when people will come to know ‘I am talking about what’. Then, we brought this information to the people via TV shows. We were researching on patients and had to search out herbs, vitamins and minerals. I created one thing that benefitted the patients by availing them the product 4 times better than what they have been taking. Out new Bi1 technology will improve it four times more. I am doing continuous innovations in my products, such as sweet joy, Diabetplus and Su-ji, irrespective of expensive. It’s a continuous journey.

Host: If you talk about all food supplements, such as ‘arthritis plus’, ‘Diabetplus’, ‘sweet joy’, they are becoming a rage. Many are being benefitted but there are so many competitors in the market who are offering fake products. Controversies have been broken out. How hard it was for you to overcome such complications? I will get response over this but after attending the next Caller .

Caller  III: My name is Manoj and I have Diabetes type II. I am talking from Ghaziabad. My Diabetes was uncontrollable. When ia was taking drugs, my fasting levels were 200 and 300 after eating food. Then, I called for food supplements from you. I had it for 3 or 4 months and now, my fasting levels have come to 125 and after taking food, these are 190. I took ‘Diabetall’ for one month and then, ‘Diabetplus’ for three months. Diabetall is still being taken.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Introduce ‘Diabetall’ and bring down both levels below 120 as soon as possible. Perhaps, you do not understand that damage is still going on. I want to share an instance. There is a Delhiite who may be watching this program. His condition was worse. Cataract, a complication of Diabetes, hit him. He ordered ‘Diabetplus’ after going through deep consideration. You don’t believe that his levels reached to 120 from 400. The most fearsome is that he stopped its usage afterwards. Thence, Diabetes shot again and he rushed to us for saving his life. Can you imagine he went into kidney failure? He was saying ‘sorry’ again and again while urging to save his life. He said, “Everything was going in a right way. I was energetic and since I left it for few months I have gone into kidney failure.” I want to inform you Mr. Manoj to keep your levels below 120. Though you get relief but the journey has not been completed yet.

Caller  III: Then, how much Diabetall should I take?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: One teaspoon, around 5 g, of Diabetall should be taken before having meal thrice a day. When your levels will reach below 120 then stop it gradually. And if you want to reduce the intake of Diabetplus then cut it down also while restricting it to maintenance dosage. Take one or two capsules lifelong since Diabetes is a progressive disease. If you leave it then, it will trigger again.

Caller  III: I am taking 4 capsules a day.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, you have to take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening. You are incorrectly informed that for acidics, it is recommended to take it before meal and those who have indigestion problem; they have to take it either with or after food. Always take it 10 or 15 or 20 minutes before having your meal. Alongside, you have to talk to our Diabetes educator. 190 PP levels are not good as far as my opinion.

Host: As I asked before this Caller , how much difficult to overcome the fraud in the market is?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It was very difficult for me. There are so many fraud people who are spotted on the television. I hope, they would be banned very soon. People are very sick of this fraud. They flash on TV while assuring that we will uproot Diabetes from its root. How is it possible? It’s good that government is getting aware. The faith is shattered since he takes it with a hope and later, he loses his money and his trust breaks down. Thus, he does not trust anyone. That’s why it was very difficult for us. But still, there are people who are willing to trust and walk on the path of truth.

I am receiving many blessings which supply me courage. I fear that my life may not fall short since I have a lot to do.

Host: A small message is requisite for our audience.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I want to tell you all my patients that opportunity does come in our life. There is none who remains exempted from it. But we should have patience, confidence that god has not forgotten us. But if you lose that opportunity then nobody knows when that opportunity will come again. Wherever you are seeking a meager ray of hope, please follow it.  you will see an indefinite light.

Host: A human can let bygone be bygone except own grief. I am sure you would be relieved having gone through all information relating to Diabetes. Dr. Gaurav Sharma has brought a new ray of hope in the field of Diabetes whose vow is to kick out the Diabetes from your life so that you can live a normal life. I hope that his effort may pay strife.