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Host: I have read a report of IDF which states that the ratio of Diabetics has been become from 3 crores to 20 crores.  Out of those every 1 is Indian. This report is actually surprising and frightening. What do you think why we all are going diabetic rapidly?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We are reinforcing frequently that Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. Lifestyle factors play bigger role in insulin resistance, what kind of food are we eating, which exercises are we doing and especially, what is our genetic structure? We have put this question again and again before people that nobody can escape from this disease. Some microbes secrete endotoxin, too, are contributing to insulin-resistance. But why do Indians (rapidly falling prey to Diabetes)?  The food of Indians lack requisite nutrients. Deficiency of protein occurs. Unhealthy fats are going in. Vegans get Omega 3 from mustard oil. It is the primary source of it. But the quantity of it is very less which is to be converted further into two, i. e. EP and DHA. It is a separate topic. If we look at the figures, the estimates are very similar. The diseases are increasing day by day and India is an epicenter of Diabetes. In future, it will be cancer. A research also says that a male infant in UK has tendency to be inflicted with cancer by 43 percent. Every second person born in UK will be victimized by cancer in future. In females, this tendency is 40 percent.   That is why we are raising alarming bells. So, please take care of yourself, think and do good of your own. 

Caller  I: I am Meena. I have been following Diabetplus for one year. My sugar level is measured 5.3.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: This is exciting. You have come in non-diabetic range and your levels are very good. So, if your Blood Sugar level remains below 120?

 Caller  I: Yes, Now, I feel energetic too. And my lethargic feeling is fully recovered.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Has your oral Hypoglycemic been stopped?

Caller  I: This is not stopped yet. It is going alongside.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Haven’t you reduced its dose?

Caller  I: I haven’t cut it down yet. Mine is 5.3 and my husband’s is 5.1. We both are diabetics.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I will suggest you that you should talk to our Diabetes educators. The time has come for you to cut down the dose of pills. Otherwise, you may go into hyperglycemia or low blood sugar level. Now at this stage, reduce the dose by ¼ part and stop it completely gradually.  It’s an impressive progress. I think you have not talked to our Diabetes educators.

Caller  I: This is the first time I am talking to you.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You can meet me if you would like for consultation.

Caller I: We will try to meet you soon since we are unable to do exercise as is requisite. And my diet is also not under control.  

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Take out time to do exercise. Go for walk, try to move on stairs. And if it seems possible then go on foot instead of riding in a car. Pay attention to physical activity. And if you get a chance to play badminton or cricket, grab it. You should do something like such games involving physical activity. Do daily chores, yoga and pranayam. These all activities are very effective. So, continue this regimen. Reaching to 5.1 and 5.3 level is a dream of every diabetic to come true. You have got it. God bless you.

Host: It’s appreciative effort that you have recommended for consultation with Diabetes educators. Patients should consult the matter with experts since it may be possible to go through the low blood sugar level and they do not understand the severity.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If your blood sugar is at 200 and you are taking oral hypoglycemic. Still, your Diabetes is not going to come under control. As you introduce ‘Diabetplus’ and ‘Diabetall’, your insulin begins to become stronger and your blood sugar level slips down. Their purpose is to bring down the blood sugar level. If your sugar level is at 120 and taking oral hypoglycemic alongside then, it may calm down to 90 or 80 or below 70. The range of 60 is dangerous. That becomes dangerous condition. 83 millligram per deciliter is termed as an ideal blood sugar which is totally a safe zone. If you are taking oral hypoglycemic at that stage then it drags you to danger level where many risk factors rise.  But Diabetplus and Diabetall are smartly designed that do not take your blood sugar level below 70 or 80 strictly. But along with Oral hypoglycemic, it may go down. Thus, we suggest that as you reach at 120 then, don’t wait for long and begin to cut it down by ¼ and slowly, stop it taking. 

Caller  II: I have been taking your medicine since April. It reduced a bit in the meanwhile but my glucose level has been increased since last 2 months. I underwent test last year on January 13. At that time, my fasting was 119 and PP was 154. As I notice my trend of last 5 months. When I started oral hypoglycemic, my PP was between 106 and 140 till May 2012.  In July, these calmed down to 108 and 176. These were 105 and 169 in August. In September, these became 104 and 149; these were 103 and 143 in October and in December, these reached to 114 and 199. When I compare all my last months’ levels, I found that my fasting has been increased but PP is vice-verse.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Anyhow, I suggest you a simple idea to add Diabetall for one or two months. When your blood sugar level will settle down then continue only Diabetplus. Are you doing exercises or not now a-days?

Caller  II: I am unable to do exercise regularly.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma:You ought to begin exercise; go for morning walk and pay attention to exercise intensively. Are you following the diet schedule or have you introduced changes in it?

Caller II: No , no. I have been following the diet schedule as per prescription.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Ok, follow it. Add ‘Diabetall’ in it. Your insulin resistance is increasing a bit which is due to age factor. It will resolve your matter. Are you taking oral hypoglycemic or allopathic medicines?

Caller  II: No, I have not begun it yet.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Ok, you have to introduce Diabetall and Diabetplus. You can have its 1 teaspoon twice a day. Diabetall come in granule form. You just add its teaspoon in the water and have it before taking your morning and evening meal or as per your convenience. Then, you will be surprised after knowing your own blood sugar levels.

Caller  II: I take ‘gudmar’, doctor.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We are giving you some better extracts of ‘Gudmar’ in Diabetall. You can continue to take gudmar but we have blended serious extracts of gudmar in it already. You ought to take Diabetall. You should not worry as the result of yours is quite good.

Host: Doctor, it’s quite good to maintain a record of your blood sugar level.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We suggest everyone to go for health checkup twice a week. Those who are on insulin, they have to go for checking blood sugar level twice a day. If they don’t do so then they may confront the problem of either low or high blood sugar level. Thus, monitoring is important.

Host: One of the familiar ones of mine is on dialysis since he has some disorder in his kidneys. Recently, it was detected about which he was unaware that he is a diabetic also. Now, he has disorder in his multiple organs. Now, the suspicion is if his reversal in Diabetes is possible or not.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, it is 99 % impossible. If it is addressed earlier then this could be preventive. But at the stage of dialysis, where multiple organs have been failed, no medicine, as Diabetall or Diabetplus, will work wonder.  I want to inform my all users that this same thing can happen to you as well. You will not be able to know when your organ was failed, when you were you put on dialysis and when did die. This is an example and a story or a reality to understand. You have to maintain your blood sugar level under control. If you monitor it initially, then we can address it. But if the situation will go out of hand then financial mar as well as trauma will inflict you. These all things will be resolved through simple tests and if your blood sugar level is increased then consult us. We can ensure you not to let your condition go out of your hands from where it would be difficult to save your life.

Host: The problem is that we are unfamiliar with the fact from where the problem is shooting. We are trapped amid people who suggest wrongfully. Ultimately, our end roof has inscription on it as ‘Dead end’.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It is a dead end. There are so many saints who claim to cure severe diseases. Ignorant listens to them and thereafter, they face the corresponding consequences. ‘Gudmar’ is miraculous herb. But we know the scientific facts underlying it. How much quantity and how should it be used in Diabetall is our knowledge. But in Ayurveda experts give ‘kadaas’ (medicinal sap) of it due to which its nutrients get destroyed and anti-oxidants go exhausted in it. It causes minimum effect on health. We are giving you standardized things in proper scientific ways. So that people can judge it and understand it.