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Tips For Balancing Calories



You ought to regulate your weight following some simple tricks. You ought to avoid taking oil, cheese, cream & butter in modulation. Have a look at the total fat consumed during the day. Layer the bread with chutney instead of having butter. Go for sautéed or boiled veggies. Added food intake should be avoided. Boiled dal would be preferred. You ought to fry egg and ladyfingers in ‘0’ fats. Daily workout or four times a week can keep your weight controlled. In case, you have taken peda or dessert, put in efforts to burn those extra calories. Sharing food while eating can share your calories too. Hence, the calorie load should be split. Your taste buds would be satisfied with just two bites. Munching more piles up extra on our body. Deficiency of proteins ignites craving for sweets. Your diet should be enriched with protein diet & should have better will power. The sources of proteins are pulses, Paneer, chicken, tofu, chicken fish & egg white. Avoid eating now and then; else, it will bulge out in few days. Say ‘no’ to binging on gulabjamun.