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Timely Marriage Through Vastu



Dr. Arti Verma discloses vastu solutions for marriages. Delay in marriage can be an outcome of either social or karmic causes. Wedding may not be on the cards due to defect in southwest of the house, the place for pitru. The best direction for marriageable daughters is northwest as per Vastu; or, wind chime ought to be hung in this direction to avert the delay. Mehendi shrub should be planted and watered by her in the balcony. She ought to use yellow bedsheet in her southwest-located room. Fresh yellow marigolds, mogra (jasmine) or red roses can do wonder in the arrangement of her marriage soon. Remember to change them when they look deadhead.  For marriageable son, northeast is the best location as bedroom. He ought to sleep with head in south or westwards. Avoid storing iron wire or goods under his bed. Keep the toilet door shut, if it is attached to his room. The fragrance of camphor eliminates vastu defect in toilet

; so keep it there every Friday. Bed sheet or curtain must not be of black and deep blue colour in his room. He ought not to sleep in southwest room. The positive vibes of lord Shiva and Parvati’s image can arrange marriage very soon.